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Band Sofa

A sofa design for the Para Arena, which is the training ground for the Paralympic Games. We tried to create a place where athletes from various sports can work hard and strengthen their bonds (Band) with each other.

These sofas are equipped with tables designed in the motif of medal sashes. The tables feature colors that are easily recognizable even for individuals with visual impairments and have rounded corners to ensure safety in case of accidental collisions. Additionally, the use of diagonal lines in the design allows for different seating arrangements in various locations, accommodating people with diverse backgrounds and purposes.

During the production of this design, collaboration with local staff and athletes was essential to verify factors such as the ideal height and angle for easy transfer for wheelchair users and the firmness of the cushions.

Product design


The Nippon Foundation

iF Design Award 2021: Winner
red dot Design Award 2021: Winner
JIDA Museum Selection vol.23: Selected
JID Award: Interior Product Division Award





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